Breastfeeding Tools

Our providers have worked together to create some fantastic handouts to help with common issues we see at our breastfeeding center.  We also chose some excellent videos to help supplement the information.  Although theses handouts and videos are helpful, 

Latching Handout

Proper latch and position is key to solving many breastfeeding problem.  Babies should have a wide gape and asymmetric latch.


Sore Nipple Handout

Are your nipples sore, cracked, or crusted?  Here are some tips to help but remember to call us before your pain becomes unbearable.  

Hands-On Pumping Video

Learn an effective technique to aid in maximizing milk production when pumping your breasts.  Make the most of the time your spend pumping.

tongue tie.jpg

Tongue Tie Handout

Think your baby is tongue tied?  Our physicians have special expertise in diagnosing and treating tongue tie.

Engorgement Handout

Engorgement can be one of the most difficult things for new moms to overcome.  Feed often and early to avoid engorgement.

Breast Massage & Hand Exp

Learn age old methods of therapeutic breast massage and hand expression to help ready the engorged breast to feed.

Milk Storage Handout

You have expressed your milk, so how do you prepare, store and use the breastmilk? Here are LVBfC's guidelines for storing and preparing pumped milk.

Vitamin D Article

The most up-to-date recommendations on Vitamin D supplementation for you and your baby.

Engorgement Video

Reverse pressure softening is an areola softening technique to assist baby getting a deep, effective latch, even when your breasts are full.

Pumping Handout

Tips and tricks to help you get off to a great start expressing your breastmilk, while maximizing your breastmilk production.

Introduce a Bottle Video

Paced bottle feeding is a method of bottle feeding that is designed to mimic breastfeeding.  It's ok to introduce a bottle at 3-4 weeks of age.


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