Musikgarten with Sumer

MUSIKGARTEN classes are fun group music classes for babies, toddlers, & PreK age children. We sing, dance, listen, & explore with instruments. While we play with music in song, children develop their sense of rhythm and their ability to recognize & produce tones all while having fun with their peers. Parents join in for the fun and learn how to take musical fun home to the family!

Class Levels

Please see age ranges when signing up on the Musikgarten website.

Ages are approximate. Some children are ready for the toddler class earlier than others & vice versa. Parents are welcome to contact Sumer with questions regarding which class to sign up for.

Classes are offered at several locations throughout the valley - Thursdays are here in our Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center.

For class schedule information & registration visit:

Register for classes early, as class size is limited!