Infant Massage - Calm Down Colic Class

Learn to soothe your baby and relieve colic with gentle and comforting abdominal massage.  Lois Henseler, CEIM, CIMI, of Infant Massage of the Lehigh Valley will be offering an Infant Massage class at the Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center. You will learn the basics of infant massage with a particular focus on the strokes designed to relieve gas and reduce colic. 

Infant massage promotes nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected. The benefits of infant massage include:


One purchased ticket will enroll one mom and one baby for class - please no guests to this class.

What do you need to bring for class?

  • Two blankets (one to lay your baby on and one to cover your baby)
  • Boppy, breastfeeding pillow or bed pillow
  • You, your baby and a open mind to fully take in all the class information

Would you like to learn more about our infant massage classes?

Email Lois at

Phone Lois at 610-428-1802

Infant massage class is offered by Infant Massage of the Lehigh Valley. The Lehigh Valley Breastfeeding Center is not responsible for information, techniques or education distributed by Infant Massage of the Lehigh Valley.

Please preregister for one of the classes below.  Class size is very limited so each mom/baby gets lots of individualized attention.

Class fee: $30 per mom/baby couple