Childbirth Preparation & Newborn Care - One Day Combination Class

This class will enable the expectant mother and her support person to be fully informed of all of their choices regarding childbirth. Education is power and with power comes a confident, laboring woman with a super support person!

Childbirth Preparation Portion of Class Discusses:

  • How to enter labor in good health (prenatal exercises)

  • Stages and phases of labor and the related physical and emotional aspects of each

  • Non-medicated childbirth tools - to help manage the discomforts of labor

  • Medication options - for those that choose medications or an Epidural

  • Potential Medical Interventions - including inductions, augmentations and cesarean sections

  • Postpartum Care for the new mom

Caring for Baby - Newborn Care Class Discusses:

  • What to expect immediately after birth and during your hospital stay

  • How to get baby off to the best start possible

  • Normal newborn characteristics

  • Normal newborn care (cord care, diapering, bathing, dressing)

  • Safety - home, health and car seats

  • Early milestones

  • How to pick a pediatrician - and what to expect in the early months

Our goal is to be sure you have all the knowledge you need to have a successful Labor & Delivery, while assuring you are prepared for your new titles of Mommy & Daddy!

This class is held 9AM-5PM (lunch is included in your registration - please be sure to contact us if you have special dietary needs). On the day of your class, please any special snacks/drinks you may need.  Please note that a continental breakfast is provided along with a catered lunch for our participants, along with bottle water.

This class if FREE, thanks to the great generosity and support of Children's HealthCare.  The Pediatricians of Children's HealthCare feel the best thing you can do to get off to a great start with your newborn is to be knowledgeable about how your child will enter the world and what your expectations should be once he or she is here.  We do require a $75 registration fee to reserve your spot, but that fee is refunded when you attend the class in its entirety.  

Please preregister for one of our dates below.  This class is ideally taken after your 30th week of pregnancy.